Your Time Is Now – Tomorrow is Never Guaranteed

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Today is yet another cold, misty morning and your over-sized silk comforter still begs for your attention.

Your eyelashes flutter up and down, debating when they should permanently stay open.

Rain drops caress onto your window sill, giving you an additional excuse to linger there, pitying yourself.

You are content in this moment, besides the nagging pit of guilt residing in your stomach.

Today’s accomplishments still lie on a naked white piece of paper. Empty, bare, and vacant.

I could give you many reasons that will motivate you to stretch your achy feet to the floor and become a better athlete.

I could give you a compelling speech why you should endure the gut wrenching pain, to feel the tsunami of lactic acid infiltrating your muscles, to be uncomfortable in your own skin.

The inspirational persuasive speeches could range across a horizon of topics —toughness, success, passion.

But only one is scientifically proven.

Only one definite re-occurrence will happen, despite the circumstances.

Others reasons are flawed; they aren’t sincere. You probably will become mentally tough—but there is no guarantee. Become physically stronger—but it’s a coin toss.

And you  might always want to do something different with your time. Eat. Sleep.

The choices are endless and unpredictable.

But what if I told you I knew an option that is reliable.

An ancient secret from years ago that has been concealed—untouched.

Only a select few know of it. Only top athletes and performers understand, and appreciate its worth.

Here it goes.

Time passes faster than quicksand. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. Click To Tweet

Okay, I apologize for the satire. You already know this secret—we all know it.

But no one lives by it. No one has tattooed this ‘secret’ on their chest; swearing to embrace every day with open arms and not letting another wasteful second trickle out of their time box.

Time does not stand still. It does not slow down, and it does not wait for you to catch up. It keeps ticking.

Tick. Another year goes by. You’re 21 years old, gripping a leather diploma in your right hand.

Tock. You’re 55, reading the Sunday newspaper with a steaming coffee slowly piercing your left hand.

Time vanishes, dissolving quicker than you could imagine. You’re sinking in the quicksand of your life.

Now is the time to be present, to do the extra repetition, to add the extra weight.

Because tomorrow is never guaranteed. There is no formal contract with your scribbled signature.

There is no knowledge of the future, no regret of the past.

The only time is now.

Tomorrow is not here yet, and yesterday is only a memory.

Push yourself beyond what you think is possible and then some.

Use every bone, every muscle in your body—every inch of your being to better yourself.

One more rep.
One more set.
Another day, not another regret.

Give it everything today, before it’s too late.

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