First Finisher is Moving! New Name, New Site, New Opportunities!

We have some very exciting news today.

First Finisher is a small, new start up and as we’ve grown we’ve discovered much about our mission.

Specifically, that our mission goes beyond just fitness.

Which is why today we are very excited to announce our new brand, Ouro Vitae.

Ouro Vitae is the next evolution of First Finisher.

Because we want to help you live healthier, for longer.

And we didn’t want to just stop at fitness.

Even though 21st Century medicine and technology allows us to live longer than ever, we are not living better.

The extra decades we’ve gained are plagued with diseases of the body and mind.

That’s why we created Ouro Vitae: to help you live healthier, for longer. Our dream is to never have to look back and say, ” those were the best years of my life”.

We want every year to be better than the last. With wisdom from both the latest innovations in science and the most time-tested remedies used for thousands of years, we will do everything possible to make this dream your reality.

You’ll still be receiving the same ground breaking fitness information and news…except now you’ll get much much more.

Ouro Vitae will focus on nutrition, lifestyle hacks, business and career success, dealing with stress and anxiety…

Basically everything you need in 2018 to make sure you’re living the best life possible, as long as possible.

You can find our new website at

We will still keep this site up for a while to make sure our followers are never confused.

Our social media accounts will also be changing to the “Ouro Vitae” brand in the near future.

We can’t thank everyone enough who has supported us so far.

We can’t tell you how excited we are to make this evolution and for you to be there with us.

All the best,

Andrew McDermot
First Finisher


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