Your Broken Energy Engine is Why You’re Always Tired

Broken Energy Engine.

It’s an epidemic that most people have no idea exists.

It’s a silent killer that doesn’t discriminate.

Yet, it’s draining the life out of you and wreaking havoc on your health and performance.

Whether you’re in great shape with six pack abs and 20 inch arms, or if you’re just beginning your fat loss journey and trying to lose weight…

There’s a good chance you’re energy levels aren’t as high as they could be.

If your energy levels aren’t functioning correctly, some of the symptoms you might experience include

  • weakness, lack of energy
  • trouble concentrating, becoming easily confused
  • forgetfulness
  • trouble completing basic tasks you once found easy
  • poor digestion
  • constipation
  • depression
  • insomnia
  • not feeling rested after waking from sleep
  • and relying on naps to get through the day

If your currently battling weight issues and it seems like burning away that fat is impossible, then there’s a good chance you just uncovered the culprit.

Even if you’re a seasoned athlete, there’s also a good chance you’re not treating your energy system the right away.

Meaning there’s an unbelievable amount of untapped vitality waiting for you to utilize.

There are two essential parts to achieving this.

The first is fix to your “energy engine,” the control center of your energy supplies.

Then you need to restore your body’s “energy currency.”

Think of this as the actual fuel for your energy engine that allows you to maximize your output.

Here’s what’s essential to understand about not only maximizing your energy, but also making sure that energy is sustained from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed…

It all starts at a cellular level with the small biological battery’s that powers every cell in your body.

Your mitochondria – or what I like to call your energy engine.

Maybe you’ve even heard of mitochondria before known as the “powerhouse of the cell,”

Mitochondria produce the energy currency that your body then uses to fuel your day-to-day activities.

Mitochondria dictate how you feel all the time. They’re the bedrock of a strong body and a powerful mind.

Stronger mitochondria make for stronger brains and stronger bodies.

Mitochondrial biogenesis, or creating new mitochondria, becomes crucial for vibrant aging, optimal energy production, and protection against oxidative stress.

The opposite – mitochondrial dysfunction – spells disaster for your energy levels, contributing to numerous problems including cardiovascular disease and obesity

Unfortunately, the enormous amount of energy your mitochondria produce makes them susceptible to free radical damage and decay as you age.

This means that your mitochondria become weaker and decline in number as you age.

Ultimately, all the things we associate with aging – fatigue, excess fat, and a decrease in muscle mass and cognitive ability – are all symptoms of weakening mitochondria.

Having optimally performing mitochondria allow them to produce more ATP, also known as your bodies energy currency.

This is the source of fuel that keeps every everything working in your body.

Healthy mitochondria and ATP going one and one together.

You need your mitochondria to be healthy to be fueling your body with the energy it needs.

For athletes and active people, we use even more ATP.

So if you’re not treating your mitochondria right, you’re at a huge disadvantage to achieving your goals.

You’re making everything harder on yourself.

Which is why in Part 2 of this article series I’m going to share with you the three steps you need to take to restore your mitochondria for all day long natural energy.

Trust me, if you want to unleash your vitality then you DO NOT want to miss this action packed guide.

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